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Apr 17, 2018 by

Dear Editor,
Your article hailing Pat Boone leaves out the fact that Pat Boone has, for decades, been instrumental in the Christian missionary activities to convert Jews. He was the funder and motivator of the Jews for Jesus movement as far back as the 1980s (when it produced an insidious manual for missionaries on campus that detailed how to identify and befriend troubled Jewish students and mislead them about the nature of Jews for Jesus).

Watch this to see his commitment to converting Jews: http://jewishisrael.ning.com/video/missionaries-pat-boone-and-sid-roth-target-jews-on-tbn
Just listen for his use of such typical anti-semitic clichés as Jews’ love of money (“What’s more Jewish than being a stock broker?” and associating collecting S&H Savings Stamps as typically Jewish.)

While Mr. Boone’s efforts on behalf of Israel may be valuable in some way, our appreciation for such “supporters” of Israel is misplaced when the intentions of such “friends” is to obliterate our faith.

Marshall Wilen, Fair Lawn, NJ

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