Kol Ami: What Can Obama Do Now?

Jun 18, 2015 by

President Obama recently indicated that he is very “pained” by the “perception,” in the Jewish state and beyond, that he is anti-Israel and, perhaps, antisemitic. The question this month, asked through TheJewishVoiceAndOpinion.com was: What, if anything, could Mr. Obama do to show he is not anti-Israel and, thus, win back the confidence of Israelis and their supporters around the world?


Clipart_KA BarrsIt’s too late. He’s undermined all of our Middle Eastern allies in the last six years, including Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia (which is now 50 miles away from Iranian nukes), Libya, Syria, and Yemen (now an Iranian conquest). At some point, common sense says: He is an enemy. Friends don’t destroy your safety and security for their own egomania.

Dr. Bernard J. Baars

La Jolla, CA


Clipart_KA TemkinPerhaps he could stop being a narcissist and blaming everyone else for the consequences of his own irresponsible actions. His current talent is to blame the victims for their feelings. Narcissists do not do well absorbing criticism and typically refuse to acknowledge criticism. That’s why they are experts at crying for sympathy if ever critiqued.

Daryl Temkin

Los Angeles, CA


Clipart_KA KostenetskyMove the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Roman Kostenetsky

Melbourne, Australia




Clipart_KA Eliot Pearlson BHow about setting Jonathan Pollard free.

Eliot Pearlson

Redondo Beach, CA


Clipart_KA MichaelsonGo on the record and say that the so-called Palestinian “right of return” is a non-starter for any meaningful peace negotiations with Israel.

Robbie Michaelson

Emeryvill, CA


Clipart_KA Susan WrightObama isn’t pained by the perception that he is anti-Israel. He is pained that Israel exists. He should resign.

Susan Wright

Washington, DC



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