Chairdrops Spruce Up Folding Chairs to Make Them Holiday-Worthy

Apr 19, 2018 by

When Jewish families think of having a crowd for a holiday, we often think of Pesach, but, in fact, the need to shlep out folding chairs so there is sufficient room to seat the whole family is an issue on many Shabbosim as well as other holidays.

And everyone agrees, it’s very hard to make folding chairs look festive, no matter how nice the tablecloth or dishes.

Enter Sol Pearlman of Staten Island. His company, Make it Snappy, offers entertainment, décor and favors with the goal of personalizing and enhancing any event.

While he is used to taking on simchas and corporate events, recently, he recently turned his attention to those entertaining on a much smaller scale at home. For years, Make It Snappy has offered slip-on covers to give a uniform appearance to chairs whose mismatched upholstery can ruin the appearance of a hall. Make It Snappy customers can even choose colors to match their events’ themes.

Now these chair covers are available through an offshoot of Make It Snappy which Mr. Pearlman has dubbed “Chairdrops.”

“Now there’s no excuse for mismatched, stained, or ugly chairs around your table,” he says.

Chairdrops are reusable, durable, machine-washable, fabric covers for folding as well as larger chairs. Available in four different sizes, they slip right over existing chairs in seconds.

Plain white Chairdrops cost $7.95 each. Other, more exciting choices go for between $18 and $20 each. For $30 each, customers can design their own.

At a recent Seder, the most popular Chairdrops were one that said “Zaidy’s Throne” encased in a classic fleur-de-lis pattern, and another, enclosed in a similar design, which said “Savta’s Throne.”

There are 30 other choices available, including “What Happens at the Seder Stays at the Seder,” “The Seder Director,” and “No Chametz Allowed” which is printed on top of the interdictory red circle with a red diagonal line, the internationally recognized sign for “no.”

There are Chairdrops that tell folks which seat is reserved for the bride or groom or for EMTs (“violators will be in for a shock”). Chairdrops on seats reserved for “fire fighters only” tell people that “violators will be extinguished.”

Well, you get the idea.

This kind of fun can be found at or by emailing Mr. Pearlman at or calling 917-567-7383.

We’re waiting for the Shavuot Chairdrop that says “Cheesecake Only.”


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