The New Front

Apr 24, 2018 by

These global issues which concern mayors across the USA, Europe and the Middle East require global solutions in collaboration with national and local government. We in Israel are willing to share the knowledge and experience we have acquired with any authority across the world that is aware of the magnitude of this danger, and to join forces in the war on terror and on those radical forces that threaten the wellbeing and safety of our citizens.

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UN Human Rights Council’s Scha...

Jan 30, 2017 by

There are a number of non-government organizations (NGOs) in Israel that undermine and delegitimize the Jewish state. Since this is an ongoing problem which reaches a feverish pitch every time the Jewish state responds to a missile or mortar attack against Israeli towns and cities, it is instructive to examine how Israel is investigated for some of its alleged human-rights violations.

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Exposing the Myth of “Linkage”...

Dec 5, 2016 by

For years, experts and would-be-experts on the problems in the Middle East have argued over the concept of “linkage,” the theory that if only the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian-Arabs were solved, all other struggles in the Middle East would fade away. The truth is, “linkage” is a false myth.

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Mavi Marmara: Another Media As...

Nov 23, 2016 by

In 2010, seven years after he was first elected prime minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, an ardent supporter of the Palestinian Arabs, including the terrorist Hamas faction, engineered a crisis with Israel which was encouraged by the pro-Palestinian media throughout the Western world. Israel is still paying for it.

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It Doesn’t Matter Who Do...

Nov 17, 2016 by

The reason the press ignores the deaths in Aleppo, Syria, is that no one in the media cares who does the dying, only who does the killing.

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